Interim Compendium Amendment – GGNRA

Interim Compendium Amendment

Commercial Dog Walking Permit Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA), together with the Presidio Trust, intend to establish an interim permit requirement for commercial dog walkers walking four or more dogs at one time, with a limit of 6 dogs, on GGNRA lands in Marin and San Francisco Counties, and in the Presidio of San Francisco.

This proposal is in response to the recent ordinances limiting the number of dogs allowed per commercial dog walker passed by the City of San Francisco, and the Town of Tiburon. This interim permit requirement would remain in effect until a final special regulation addressing dog walking and commercial dogwalking in GGNRA, is finalized, which is expected in late 2015.

Permit holders would be able to use any GGNRA and Trust lands where dog walking is allowed. In GGNRA Marin and San Francisco lands, permit holders would continue to be able to walk dogs off leash and under voice control in areas currently open to voice control per the 1979 Pet Policy. GGNRA would implement a permit system for GGNRA lands. The Presidio Trust would honor GGNRA permits on lands administered by the Trust. The annual permit cost would consist of a $75.00 application fee and a $300 per person fee for a non-transferrable badge. Badges must be visibly displayed when commercial dog walkers are within GGNRA.

To obtain an NPS permit, applicants must submit a business license, proof of liability insurance, and proof of dog-handling training from an existing training course provider (e.g., the Marin Humane Society or the San Francisco SPCA).

The GGNRA permit requirement would be implemented through an amendment to the GGNRA Compendium. The Compendium Amendment is expected to be signed by the General Superintendent following a notification period from March 14 to April 14.

During this 30-day public notice period, questions, comments or concerns can be addressed to the Superintendent by mail to: National Park Service Golden Gate National Recreation Area Attn: Commercial Dog Walking Fort Mason, Building 201 San Francisco, CA 94123